Why are you here? What do you envision?

The New Pluralists website highlights the voices of many of our Field Builders. Below are some of their most inspiring reflections. Listen to their voices by visiting the Field Builders page and clicking on the audio icon next to one of the names.

“I see a future where the American people recognize themselves in one another. We see in one another interests that we share as a society. And therefore we apply the moral wisdom that we should love our neighbors as we love ourselves to the spirit of our politics, because we recognize that the well-being of our fellow Americans is intimately intertwined with the well-being of we, ourselves, our families, and the people that we live closest to.
In an America like this, our politics becomes collaborative, our institutional culture becomes inclusive. And in that spirit, our larger society becomes oriented around social and material progress, without the hindrance of prejudice across all of our lines of division.” – John Wood Jr., Braver Angels

Listen to John Wood Jr.’s full recording here.

“When I think about the future I aspire toward, I see a future where Americans are strong, where we take responsibility, where we don’t wait for the next president to come along either to smite our enemies or to heal the divides, where we realize it is our job to stitch together the social fabric.” – Eric Liu, Citizen University

Listen to Eric Liu’s full recording here.

“Living in a diverse democracy means that people with different identities and ideologies are likely to disagree on some fundamental things. Diversity, after all, is not just about the differences you like. The challenge is to be able to disagree on some things and to align on others. Through New Pluralists, philanthropy is making an important investment in advancing this ethic, nurturing a field whose goal is to create spaces where it is easier for people with different identities and ideologies to cooperate.” – Eboo Patel, IFYC

Listen to Eboo Patel’s full recording here.

“At every level of American life, we see fractures, dividing lines, and deep pain and anger. America needs to heal old wounds, and we need to fix unjust systems. And we start to do this by co-creating new structures together. We must build our trust in one another, and we must repair our social fabric so we can solve our common problems. This is not easy work, but it’s necessary work.” – Wendy Feliz, American Immigration Council

Listen to Wendy Feliz’s full recording here.

“If we are to move forward into a vision of a more pluralistic society, we must set about the project of healing the deep wounds and ruptures in our communities. We must go about the work of reweaving the American fabric back together again, by centering social healing, and care and truth. New Pluralists is one bold step toward that vision. I hope that our efforts encourage others to take action in their own communities.” – Jen Bailey, Faith Matters Network

Listen to Jen Bailey’s full recording here.

“In the United States and around the world, divisiveness and distrust are replacing basic notions of commitment to a collective good. These challenges are not merely challenges of changing people’s behavior. They are nested in systemic failures of democracy to meet people’s most basic needs, exacerbated by widespread economic, technological, demographic, environmental changes.” – Hahrie Han, SNF Agora Institute

Listen to Hahrie Han’s full recording here.