The Funders

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At New Pluralists, we include our funders - as institutions and people - as part of this community. We provide a space and opportunities for funders to learn, invest, and codesign in ways that uphold pluralist values and norms. Our funding community benefits from discovering together, challenging each other, pooling funds to achieve greater impact on the field.

We’re grateful to our diverse group of funders. Together, we are growing and learning our way into our vision for pluralism.


Contact us to learn more about how you can join New Pluralists as a funding partner.

We have three types of funding partners - governing partners, affiliate partners, and power-up funders. All our funders provide general support.

Our governing partners accompany our team, champion our work, and actively shape our strategies with us. As our governing body, they represent different dimensions of our work, sit across an ideological spectrum, and tap into different networks - enabling us to actively practice pluralism as part of our decision-making practices. Eligibility to join our governing partner body is a commitment of $1M/year for 2-3 years. Governing partners are invited and approved by the governing body, which is capped at 12.

Our affiliate partners join us as learners, and may be invited to help shape particular strategies and initiatives based on their interests, perspectives and networks. They are invited to attend select funder and Field Builder gatherings, to grow their connection to New Pluralists, the community, and the field. Eligibility to become an affiliate funder is a commitment of $250,000/year, preferably for at least 2 years. There is no cap for affiliate membership.

Our power up funders believe in our mission and put their faith in us to manifest our vision. They give any amount, and there is no cap.

We look forward to exploring how you can join us.