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New pluralism invites us to imagine a better future

We Are New Pluralists

America’s founding ideals of liberty, equality, and justice have always held out the promise of pluralism — people of varied backgrounds and beliefs building community, finding belonging, and drawing on their differences to solve shared problems. Over time, there have been great strides toward this vision, yet it’s always been a work in progress.

To become a politically vibrant, multi-racial, multi-faith democracy, we must renew the promise of pluralism in America by ushering in a new pluralism.

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Working together to build a growing field

We are funders, practitioners, storytellers, researchers, and innovators coming together to strengthen a culture of pluralism in America.


Jen Bailey

Faith Matters Network / The People's Supper

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News, stories, and perspectives from our community

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America at a crossroads

  • Why New Pluralism?

    We face extraordinary challenges that need bold solutions — a global pandemic, economic disruption, racial injustice, and environmental threats — yet we the people are more divided than ever. Many forces exploit our differences, stoke anxiety, and fuel our worst impulses. If we are to realize the vision of a politically vibrant, multi-racial, multi-faith democracy, we must usher in a new pluralism in America.
  • What is New Pluralists?

    New Pluralists is a funder collaborative focused on supporting the growing field of practitioners, storytellers, researchers, and innovators working to foster a culture of pluralism in America. We are working closely with a group of Field Builders representing diverse talents, beliefs, backgrounds, and areas of work who are helping to shape our shared aspirations and strategy.

  • How do we work?

    New Pluralists invests in strengthening the growing field that is addressing our nation’s crisis of division, distrust, dehumanization, and disconnection. We are focused on culture change — on shifting the norms, values, skills, and behaviors that shape the way we see each other and ourselves. This work advances a larger vision for change. Strengthening a pluralist culture complements the important structural change others are undertaking to enact policies and reform institutions.