The Fetzer Institute

Sharif Azami


Sharif Azami serves as a Senior Program Officer at the Fetzer Institute where he guides the Institute's work on democracy. His work seeks to understand the transformative power of Love to mend America’s deepest divides, the importance of understanding complexity and nuance in transcending false binaries that often divide us, and the need for articulating a spiritually enriching vision for a pluralistic democracy in highlighting the connection between spirituality and civic action. In his prior roles, Sharif managed a portfolio of projects in the areas of democracy, faith and spirituality, and business ethics, and provided advisory support to Fetzer’s ally development efforts. Sharif has worked in the field of personal and societal transformation and peacebuilding since early 2000 with CIDA, Oxfam GB, and United Nations World Food Programme before joining Fetzer. He has also earned a master's in International Development Policy from Duke University and a graduate certificate in Peace and Conflict Resolution from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.