Learn more about our first major grantmaking initiative to support local leaders, networks, and groups working to heal divides into their communities

Jim Pitofsky

John Templeton Foundation BIOGRAPHYJim serves as the Managing Director, [...]

Jim Pitofsky2023-04-17T15:26:25+00:00

Branden Polk

Stand Together Trust (formerly Charles Koch Institute) [...]

Branden Polk2023-04-17T15:26:59+00:00

Heather Dill

John Templeton Foundation BIOGRAPHY Heather Templeton Dill [...]

Heather Dill2023-04-17T15:27:04+00:00

Christen Moreau

Acton BIOGRAPHY Christen is the program officer [...]

Christen Moreau2023-02-21T00:59:28+00:00

Emma Pompetti

Acton BIOGRAPHY Emma is the Managing Director [...]

Emma Pompetti2023-02-21T00:59:12+00:00

Sarah Cross

Stand Together Trust (formerly Charles Koch Institute) [...]

Sarah Cross2023-05-05T16:21:22+00:00

Jonathan Gruber

Einhorn Collaborative BIOGRAPHY Jon Gruber is a [...]

Jonathan Gruber2023-02-14T16:51:53+00:00

Daniel Stid

Hewlett Foundation BIOGRAPHY Daniel Stid directs the [...]

Daniel Stid2023-02-14T16:53:57+00:00

Richard Bollinger

John Templeton Foundation BIOGRAPHY Richard Bollinger is [...]

Richard Bollinger2023-02-14T16:54:50+00:00
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